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Emil M - Allied Bodies

Emil Malczewski - Allied Bodies

Emil Malczewski started an Advanced Apprenticeship when he was made Warehouse Supervisor at Allied Bodies.  Emil had already identified a number of areas for improvement but the knowledge and skills he acquired on the programme helped him to put some cost-saving measures into practice almost immediately.

‘I wanted to make changes and the apprenticeship programme helped me to put them into place. I wanted to improve the efficiency of the warehouse and reduce running costs.’

As part of his apprenticeship programme, Emil devised and implemented an action plan to reduce the costs incurred from damaged stock.

‘When I took over as Warehouse Supervisor, we had an average of 60 damaged panels that were priced at £1,000 each. In a year, I reduced this down to a minimum. That’s £60,000 a year saved by organising the warehouse better.’

As part of Emil’s learning programme, he was tasked with improving warehouse organisation.

‘Whereas before the panels were kept in a place where they could be damaged by rain or scratched, I organised the warehouse better so that they could be stocked and kept securely in the warehouse.  It saved money and also time. If you’ve got damaged panels, it’s not ideal to have to order replacements which could take 2-3 weeks to arrive.'

'I also had the idea of cutting them down so that they could be sold as smaller panels and we could make some money from them, rather than writing off the cost.  I was able to reduce damage and reuse the previously damaged stock. It was a perfect solution.’

The apprenticeship framework equipped Emil with new skills for supervising the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods.

‘I organised the yard better. A lot of the stock was on the floor, getting damaged, getting vandalised. Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock, body components, were all over the show.  I can honestly say that I saved the company hundreds of thousands of pounds per year and it was all a result of doing the apprenticeship programme.  I was learning new ways to improve the company and I was implementing those changes, unit after unit, freight after freight.’

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