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Heath Minshall, Malcolm Clarke Steels

Malcolm Clarke has an impeccable reputation in the British steel industry as a premier independent steel stockholder and merchant.

Heath Minshall joined Malcolm Clarke as apprentice through the Warehouse to Wheels programme with Mantra Learning, and in 2015 passed his intermediate apprenticeship with flying colours. He has since gone on to train as an LGV driver and has passed his Cat C practical test enabling him to progress to a driving job with the company.

Whilst undergoing training to become a professional HGV driver, Heath was taught how to operate the machinery and quickly became competent in the role.

Alongside his apprenticeship Heath has acquired practical skills and licences including a stacker truck licence and a crane operator licence. There is currently a team of 5 on the shop floor and with these new skills he can now help out in all functions associated with the steel plates.

“I never imagined I would gain such skills, being in the older age bracket, I assumed apprenticeships was for the younger generation.”

“I certainly could never have afforded to pay for my own LGV driver training. The Warehouse to Wheels programme has been the stepping stone I needed. “

Heath can also take off coils and having passed his Cat C licence can also move the trucks around the yard once loaded so they’re not causing any obstruction. Malcolm Clarke are purchasing an additional Cat C vehicle in line with the increasing demand and Heath is excited to be the driver of this Cat C.

LGV drivers that are skilled in transporting steel sheets are very far between because it’s a highly specialised job. The benefit to Malcolm Clarke is that Heath has already been trained on moving steel rolls, unloading and loading onto trucks. This avoids any accidents of not doing this correctly, made in the past by agency drivers.

He has learnt new skills, a new trade and Heath has grown in confidence in his own abilities. The journey has not been as easy as he first thought but the difference it has made to his life has been worth it.

“I am most proud of the short space of time I’ve learnt these skills and how quickly I have been able to adapt them, Mantra and Malcolm Clarke have given me great support.”

Currently, Malcolm Clarke hires a Cat C+E agency driver who earns £14-15 per hour, amounting to an average £600 per weeks. Over a combined cover of 6 weeks for sickness and holidays this amounts to £3,600.

The benefit to Malcolm Clarke is astronomical when Heath can drive Cat C+E, and Heath will be a very happy man.

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